Friday, May 29, 2009

Renewable Energy

Brazil has made great strides in running its economy on renewable energy. Renewable energy represents 46 percent of Brazil’s total annual energy supply. By comparison, renewable energy accounts for only seven percent of the U.S. annual supply. The largest source of renewable energy in Brazil is ethanol, accounting for over one-third of Brazil’s renewable energy.

In addition, 90 percent of Brazil’s electricity comes from renewable sources, predominantly hydroelectricity. By comparison, only nine percent of the U.S. electricity supply is from renewable sources. About half of our electricity is generated from coal.

Due in part to its ethanol program, Brazil became net energy independent in 2006 after many years of energy dependence. Cane ethanol sells for half the price of fossil fuel gasoline, giving drivers ample incentive to fuel up with the domestically produced cane ethanol.

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  1. Wow, Brazil sounds like a very eco-friendly place to live. I think its great that their country seems so energy efficient.I would love to have a car that runs on cane.